Weekly activity 5/26

FREE-Printable-Breathing_Star (002).pdf

My favorite kids,

This week, I just wanted to remind you that YOU ARE A STAR!  You are awesome, and amazing, and one of a kind!  I am so proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself too.  Each morning when you wake up, look in the mirror, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself what is great about YOU.  Start with the words "I am..." and then say something positive.  Need some ideas?  Watch the video below and repeat each statement.  These positive self-statements are called affirmations.  Let me know which ones you like best.  How does it make you feel to say these nice things to yourself?  Always remember to treat yourself with love and kindness!

I also attached a craft for you, my little stars!  It is a “breathing star” for you to decorate and use to practice taking deep breaths (see link above).  You are COOL!  Taking deep breaths can help you keep your cool!

😊 Mrs. Phillips


Positive Affirmations For Kids - Mindful and Calming - Promote Good Self Esteem and Confidence

Listen to and repeat these positive affirmations everyday to promote good self esteem and confidence. 😊 Positive thinking is a powerful way to help increase feelings of self-worth. By beginning to think positively about themselves children can learn to develop a positive attitude to life. This video is designed for children but can be used ...


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